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Next Event's Date: 11/06/2019 @ 6pm

Next Event Meetup Location: 720 W. 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80204

Join Bess Tracy for F.I.R.E. Yourself

Learn Financial Independence & Retire Early

Bess Tracy is a Colorado and California Realtor, Real Estate Investor, House Flipper, Interior Designer, Business Owner, Developer, and Colorado native. She started the F.I.R.E. Yourself Meetup Group after attending a book club about investing in real estate and realizing there was a lack of education and information readily available for Millennials to prepare for F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence, Retire early).  

Bess’s passion to start this group came from her own desire to create financial independence. When she realized how attainable it can be with little education and some effort, she decided to start a monthly event to help others, offering keynotes and networking with seasoned investors, financial advisors, accountants, and authors of related books.  

Upcoming Topics

F.I.R.E. Panel

Join Bess Tracy, a Denver Realtor, Interior Designer, and real estate investor along with her guest speaker Vivi Gloriod as we break down the economy globally, nationally, and locally. Join us on Wednesday November 6th at 6:00 PM and come hungry and thirsty for libations of education.

Vivi Gloriod's years of experience in the real estate industry has rocketed her to become one of the top ten producing agents in Denver, and recognized as such by the Denver Business Journal and the Denver Metro Realtors Association. In the past ten years she has built Team Vivi, with dedicated marketing and operations staff as well as three other agents. Team Vivi has seen extraordinary growth; they did as much business in the first six months of 2019 as they did all of last year.

Vivi graduated the University of Texas with a degree in business emphasizing marketing in 2000, along with a minor in math. In 2014 she created Denvernomics, a free seminar she hosts every six months that breaks down what's happening in the econony on a global, national, and local scale.

Past Events

For our September event, we had Marty Jensen, an optometrist of 23 years including owning his own practice for 10 years. In 2010, he relocated to Denver and began purchasing rental property as he saw great investment opportunities during the last real estate recession.  

He and his wife currently own 20 rental properties, which he has managed himself and more recently with the help of a property manager. He has also managed short term rental properties through Air BnB, and is familiar with Denver's short term rental laws. In 2015 he joined Team Vivi as Chief Financial Officer and continues in that role today. His diverse experience in business and finance has given him insight into tax laws and financial planning as it relates to rental property, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with those with similar interests.  

For our September event, we also had Matthew Wedell who has been a Property Manager in Denver since 2011, specializing in low-income housing (Tax Credit and Section 8) and compliance. In 2013, he received the designation of Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) from the National Apartment Association, as well as Assisted Housing Manager (AHM) from National Leased Housing Association. 

Over the last 10 years, Matthew "fell" into real estate and has bought and flipped 3 separate properties in Denver, while utilizing many of the tried and true methods put forth in podcasts and real estate books like Bigger Pockets. Today, he also has an Airbnb Property which he has run for almost 2 years. In addition to low income housing, he would consider himself very knowledgeable of Fair Housing laws and regulations, as well as some Airbnb regulation. He loves to share his knowledge and help others understand and grow in an industry he has come to love.

For our June event, we had Zac Hood teaching us how he and his wife Virginia have been traveling for free for almost 10 years. His approach to free travel has earned free flights (and often free hotels) in South Africa, Greece, France, Italy, Iceland, and more. In total, he’s earned over $40,000 in free travel. In 2017, he founded Travel Freely - the simple, free web app for no cost travelers. Helping beginner free travelers was the inspiration for founding Travel Freely. Zac hales from Nashville, TN and played tennis at University of Colorado. He transferred and graduated from Vanderbilt University and shortly after started his career as a teacher and coach. Along with starting Travel Freely, he is also the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit called Sports Servants that serves children in Belize through sports!

ELIZABETH DOMENICO For our May event, we had the pleasure of hearing from Elizabeth Domenico, the lead attorney in Robinson & Henry’s real estate, litigation, probate Court and bankruptcy practice areas. Two things you can’t escape are death and taxes, and Elizabeth taught us everything you need to know about taxes and what happens to your investments if you die. Thanks again Elizabeth for guiding us through everything we need to know to protect our investments from death, the ever relentless taxes we pay, and what we can actually deduct with our rental properties!

DENVERNOMICS For our October event, we got the pleasure of hearing from Vivi Gloriod from Team vivi Real Estate! Vivi answered different questions about Denver Real Estate, including: What factors contribute to housing decisions? What causes property values to increase? What does the Denver real estate inventory look like right now? What does the future of Denver Real Estate look like? You can find the entire video here. 

EXPERT PANEL For our August event, we heard from an expert panel of real estate professionals! Robin Behrstock and Tim Walker, two experienced rental property investors; Sean Stewart, a master real estate accountant; and Maria Timofeeva, a practicing real estate attorney. They engaged the audience and answered questions regarding topics such as "how to build a portfolio with multiple investments to provide passive income". They also talked about the process to legally and efficiently set up your rental property investments as a business that protects you.  

JOHN BROKKEN For our May event we heard from the amazing John Brokken, a philanthropic entrepreneur, an avid real estate rental property investor who also does several fix and flips. He is a highly sought-after speaker for bringing education to high schools around the greater Denver area teaching teens to invest and inspiring them to become what they want to be in life and create wealth at the same time.  

JORDAN YOUNGBLADE For our April event we got the pleasure of hearing from Jordan Youngblade who is a money mindset coach and spoke to us about how to have a great mindset when thinking about money and what we do with what we have and how to capitalize on it when you're looking to build out your financial portfolio for long-term success. Jordan is extremely helpful for especially the millennials all trying to learn how to manage our money and save for retirement! Something many of us have yet to start. To set up a coaching consultation with Jordan visit her website!  

SCOTT TRENCH For our March event we had the immense pleasure of hearing from Scott Trench, who runs the Bigger Pockets podcast and is the author of ‘Set For Life’. He is 28 and already owned several investment properties here in Denver, all of which he acquired by working a normal 9-5 like everyone else and now all he does is write blogs all day, works out, drinks craft beer and travels. He’s absolutely brilliant and did a great job! To get his book and learn the powerful formula and value of investing in your future, order here!  


Where: Team Vivi at HomeSmart Realty Group

Address: 720 6th Ave Denver, CO 80204

When to Meet: 11/06/19 @ 6pm

Contact: Bess Tracy - Bess@Teamvivi.com - 970.531.1757